Pilgrimage Overview

One of the many religions that evolved in India Buddhism is supposed to be one of the most modern and widespread religions of the world. It spread instantly mainly because of its core aspect based on principals of truth and equality. An evolution of man from a normal human to an elevated soul leading the path to salvation is the primary guideline of Buddhism. The doctrine that was preached by Lord Buddha was not meant to be a religion but a path to lead the life. Today, though one does not find as many followers of the religion in
India as in the far eastern countries, but the proofs that once India was a throbbing centre of Buddhism, are scattered through out the length and breadth of this vast country. The preaching of Buddha which could be accepted and changed with suitable conditions was welcomed by many and was transformed according to their own needs. Right from time of the Maurya dynasty and may be even before, pilgrims from all over the world have come to walk on the footsteps of the Lord. Till date people from all over the world come to experience the teaching of the Turning of the wheel of law.

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